Improve Your Health with Healthy Food



If you want to be healthy it is important to eat safe foods with good nutritional value. If you eat a well balanced diet, you are on your way to protecting and promoting your health. What is good food? These are the ones which have plenty of vitamins and minerals. They are foods low on saturated fats, chemicals, additives, and antibiotics. Here are some tips to help you determine what foods are healthy and what foods to avoid.


Determine the right amount of calorie to take daily for your particular physical frame and eat only foods that contain the right amount of calorie that you need for that day. If you eat foods with more calories than you need, the calories in excess with then be converted to fat. If you have a high level of fat in your body, it is more likely that you will also have a high craving for food. You can get more tips from chef Tim Love.


Be sure to get regular exercise.  This is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is more important than eating the right kinds of food. And remember that even if you eat the right kinds of food but do not get sufficient exercise, these healthy foods can still make you fat.


Do not drink too much soda or sugary drinks. This contains a lot of calories. And they are made from ingredients that do not promote health. If the drink is made of artificial sweeteners, then they are the worse of all. Tim Love the Chef is the best chef out there to help you.


Trans fats and saturated fats should be avoided. These can be found in hydrogenated oil and in meat.


Stay away from deep-fried foods. Choose foods that have been cooked in a healthy method.


Do not consume too much alcohol that contains a lot of calories. If you can, limit to drinking occasionally.


Mediterranean products are healthy. Some of these are olive oil, basil, eggplant, tomatoes, ricotta cheese, fresh herbs, and others. To give you more ideas on how to improve your health, you can check out the video at


Eat three regular meals a day and try to take away in-between snacks. Drink a lot of purified water. Make sure that the water that you drink does not contain fluoride.


Vitamins and mineral supplements are good to take. But if it is possible, take the vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables.


Make sure that if you cook your fruits and vegetables, you will use a cooking method that will preserve the vitamins and minerals in the food.


If there are no healthy foods in your workplace canteen, bring your own healthy sandwich or some healthy fruits for lunch.


It is very healthy to eat a lot of fruits that are in season.


Alkaline foods are better than acidic ones.


These are the food no-no’s – aspartame, MSG (Monosodium glutamate), and fluoride.


Importance of Food in Our Lives



Food is better defined as anything we take or ingest due to its nutritional value. Food may come from plants or animals. The food that we take has a lot of nutrients some of them being vitamins, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates that are essential for our bodies to grow and function properly. It helps to maintain good health and also plays a vital role in curing or preventing many ailments from attacking you. Food may either be consumed in both liquid and solid form both of which are nutritious.


Despite the fact that food helps our bodies to grow and develop, some foods are bad for our health. This is inclusive of junk food or fast foods which tend to take a toll on one’s health. Some food contains a lot of fats which when you take, makes you gain a lot of calories. Those types of foods expose you to diseases such as diabetes and obesity that are harmful to one’s health if not taken seriously. Food is, however, essential as it boosts one’s energy after consumption.


Food has its sources as plants and animals. Plants are the main source of food as we get a lot of nutrients from plants. Some of the food substances include cereals such as maize, corn, wheat and legumes such as beans, peas and cow peas. We also obtain a wide range of fruits from plants that are essential as they contain vitamins essential for one’s growth. Vegetables such as kale and cabbages are also obtained from plants. You can learn a lot from Tim Love the Chef.


There are three types of vegetables that include leafy, stem and root vegetables. Cabbages and Kale are a good example of leafy vegetables as their leaves are the ones that are edible. Stem vegetables include bamboo shots while root ones include cassavas, yams and potatoes as well as carrots. Animals are either a direct or an indirect source of food. Milk is a good example of a product obtained directly from animals as well as meat. Dairy products that require processing of milk include ghee, butter, cheese, etc which are indirectly obtained from animals. Go here to see some of the best photos of foods.


People should always have healthy diets and eating plans in order to lead a healthy life. Nutrition is a major part of people’s life as without food there is no existence. Taking food rich in nutrients exposes you to many benefits when compared to eating that which is of less nutritional value. If you want to know more about the importance of food in our lives, you can visit

Serving Healthy Foods



There are many simple guidelines, which will help you to serve healthy foods safely. The essence of following such rules are exemplified by the fact that around 48 million people are diagnosed with food poisoning every single year. And that is only in the US alone. And to give more emphasis to the subject, recent news have warned over 300 cases of food poisoning as well as 3 deaths due to cucumbers that bear salmonella.


Many of the food poisoning has come from viruses or bacteria but also, it could stem from mold, parasites, contaminants, toxins and allergens similar to milk, gluten, nuts or eggs. The contaminated food usually results to diarrhea, cramps, vomiting and nausea but this could also result to kidney failure, brain and nerve damage, chronic arthritis or worst, death. You may also get a lot of info Here!


Those who are at greater risks include older adults, individuals who have chronic illnesses or depressed immune system, children under the age of 5 as their immune systems are in development stage and their stomach produces less stomach acid that aids in destroying toxic bacteria as well as pregnant women. To learn more about the importance of serving health foods, just go to


Not only that, we could serve food to our household by healthily by washing hands prior to handling any food, make sure that all utensils are clean, cutting instrument, cutting boards as well as other utensils ought to be thoroughly cleaned with water and soap after working with any food item as well as before handing the second food item. Therefore, when you are finish cutting raw chicken, be sure to wash everything before you cut vegetables and so forth. Similarly, vegetables and fruits ought to be washed with a scrub prior to cutting them, this is true especially with firm fruits like apples. You can read more from this site for more info.


Be sure to store your foods in the fridge with temperatures that are below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and below 32 degrees in the freezer. Do not just go by machine setting; instead, use the thermometer to be able to measure the actual temperature. keep your perishable food items in the fridge until served and leave them out no more than 2 hours. Foods that lose freezing or cooling capability for more than a couple of hours because of machine failure or perhaps, power outage usually have to be destroyed. Storing raw meats, poultry and fish should be separately done from other foods.


Cook the food at the right temperature. It is essential that foods reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a general rule. Once again, refer to charts that are provided by government charts to ensure that you are serving foods healthily.